WWYGO, Where Would You Go? Your friends are your best tripadvisors. Free holiday tips!

"Hey guys I am going to Spain this summer, do you have any tips?" How often have you seen someone post something like that on Facebook or email?

The solution

Just for this we created WWYGO. Whether you go camping, flying or on a road trip, it is the perfect way for you to let others give you relevant tips on what to do. It works for city trips as well as longer holidays.

How it works

Step 1: Select your starting point

This can be where you leave from home, but also where you land or arrive on your first destination.

Step 2: Select your destination

If you are going towards a destination. For example if you booked a flight back home from a certain airport. You can indicate this, it helps others to give you suggestions that are feasable

Step 3: Set your preferences

Do you want to stay in one place for a long time? Prefer not to travel for too long between places? Set your preferences so that others know what to advice you

You're done! Now share your wwygo with others

You will get a link like this. You can share it with your friends through email, facebook, twitter or any way you like.

Get Started

Whats stopping you? It's free and allways wil be. Get started


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